When searching for a great ab workout routine, you should consider three factors:

  • The workout
  • Diet
  • Cardio

When these three are absent, you shall not acquire the type of abs that you seek. Firstly, these three were truly created to complement one another.

Therefore, it is not really possible for you to evade any of them in case you desire a ripped abdominal region. Prior to any other factor however, check the entire idea of your routine. Why do you think you have the knowledge to shape your abs correctly?

Ab Workout Routine (The Workout)

It is believed that spending 1 hour at the gym sufficient time for one whole day’s worth of workouts. Where your abs are concerned, you might just require about 20 minutes.

The answer here is to go on burning consistently. Initially, engage in easy workout routines such as sit-ups and crunches. After this, you can alter it and include some bicycle movement on those side ab crunches, crunches and some leg thrusts.

Depending on which workout has the most effect on your abs, you should then choose them. This is a necessary section of the entire ab workout procedure. Therefore, you should experience maximum sensation when you carry out your ab workout routine.

The Most Ideal Ab Workout Routine (Exercises)

Where exercises are concerned, remember that there is no ab workout routine that is totally complete without observing which workouts are really effective for you.

In this regard, you should consider the workouts’ target areas. If you desire to get obliques and sides that look better, you should give the bicycle exercise a try, for your ab workout routine.

Lie on the mat on your back and then stretch your right leg straight upwards. The toes need to point halfway from the far your leg is able to go. Then fold your left knee towards your body. Place your hands on the back of your head and use your right elbow to touch the left knee.

The movement should be substitutable with your left elbow reaching for your right knee. Do this repeatedly until you get 15 reps for every side.

Upward leg thrusts are another exercise that you can perform for your ab workout routine. As you lie down once more, lift your legs and bend your knees in half, with your feet hovering in the air. After this, thrust your legs upwards until your rear side is off the ground, with your legs straightened. Then return them to the first position. Carry out 15 reps of this also.

Lastly, you can finalize your ab workout routine by doing crunches. Get a raised area that is level with your knees when you raise up your legs. Place your feet there and then lie down.

While holding the back of your head using your hands, force yourself upwards using your hands. Move upwards and downwards until you acquire 15-25 reps also.


The most vital elements of any kind of workout routine are a training and goal methodology. There does not exist best training or workout routine to cater to every person’s requirements. The first step is for you to decide on your objective or objectives, after which the routines and methodology should follow.

*It must be noted that you will never see your abs unless you shed the fat that surrounds them. The workouts are a great way of building up your core shape and strength, however, ultimately, you will only see your abs in their best light when you get shredded.